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About a project
Specific Objectives of the project:

1. To establish an Agro-Ecological Centre in Poltava (AEC); 

2. To ensure its sustainable functioning according to participatory interdisciplinary approach;

3. To expand the competency of UA experts in 6 selected environmental topics;

4. To establish 3-days retraining courses for non-academicals, targeted towards the changing ecological needs of the economic environment;

5. To improve ecological education in UA with special reference to its practice-orientation;

6. To assess the potentials of compliance of UA food regulations in organic farming with those of EU;

7. To investigate the possibilities of introduction of international standards, regiments of systemic  environmental management and audit as well as development of corporate systems in environmental management;

8. To increase democratisation of decision making processes and raising responsibility for their implementation via mass media involvement;

9. To increase the environmental awareness of all the society groups in UA.
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